What Is The Faction?

relentless faction adult health and fitness strength and conditioningAt Relentless Strength Training we’ve been blessed by the great people and members within our doors who have enabled us to enjoy fantastic growth and success on a local level, which I am eternally thankful for.

As a training facility we’re often represented by the great training programs and workouts that we produce.  We’re proud of those, for sure, and the results speak for themselves, but where we really stand out is that we have developed a tremendous community of people who are dedicated to more than just the act of working out.

We are, stand for, and have a tribe of people who don’t just want to be a little bit more fit, a little leaner, or a little stronger.  We are the home base of a community of people who instead choose to do something extraordinary, to live an examined life, and to make the choice to be relentless in their pursuits of the physical, spiritual, and intellectual.

The only downside of having such a great facility?  Hearing the frequent lamentation of “I wish we had a Relentless in XXXXXX city”.

As I see it, there’s two ways to remedy that situation:

Remedy Number One:  We could franchise or expand to every city on the globe.  That sounds like kind of a cool goal, actually, but a logistical nightmare.

Remedy Number Two:  We can utilize what modern technology has to offer and create a central place for those who choose to live the Relentless Lifestyle to meet, gain support, interact, and grow together to be more than just ordinary, no matter their physical location.

It didn’t take long to decide Remedy #2’s particular wheel would probably get rolling a lot sooner than Remedy #1’s would, and so I present to you The Relentless Faction.

Faction – noun
a group or clique within a larger group, party, government, organization, or the like

party strife and intrigue; dissension

relentless faction

Businessman Receiving Bad News

The truth of the matter is that there’s a lot of fitness information online out there.  A quick pass through Google will result in a firehose of information.  Some of it will be good, some of it will be bad.  Some will apply to you, some won’t.  Some of it will be cultish and bizarre, some of it will be well thought out and make some sense.  Regardless, there’ll be a lot of it and it’ll come fast.  It is VERY difficult to figure out what the best course of action is when you’re getting blasted by a large volume of often contradictory information.

The answer is to take what works best for you, dump the rest, and turn that into a plan.

Which is much easier said than done when you don’t know where to even start, or even worse, when you’ve already waded into the bush and now realize how deep and thick it can get.

W get it.  We’ve been there.  We’ve coached hundreds of clients through it.

The Faction is designed to encompass both of the above dictionary definitions.  We are a dedicated group within the greater fitness and personal development community.  We also have carved out our way to do things, some of which will go against the “party lines” of the more popular gurus, who often place their interest well above yours.

relentless faction crew portland competitionIn our local community, Relentless Strength Training is known for blending science with savage, both in body and in mind, to get superior results, clarify confusion, and to above all place the needs of our Relentless Family above all.

The Faction will be providing the same level of services to the greater world.  So whether you’re in Topeka, KS, London, UK, or San Diego, CA… You now can have a choose to be Relentless… you have a home in the Faction.

It’s time to blend science with savage, cut through the BS, and take the brakes off of your life.  If you’ve made it this far and you refuse to be ordinary then congratulations, you’ve found your home.

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