Supplement 101 – The Four Basic Supplements I Recommend

If I had to make a call on it, there probably isn’t a more hotly-contested subject in the fitness universe than supplementation.  On one side of the equation you have the supplement industry, making their money by being full of shiny, glossy, and airbrushed marketing campaigns that claim that if … Continue reading

More Performance in Less Time – Three High Performance Training Techniques Made Simple

If you’re someone who wants to live a high performance life (which, in my opinion, is the only way to live) then chances are you often find yourself stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to your training program.  On one hand, you’re always searching for … Continue reading

Three Lower Body Stretches for Quick Flexibility Results

If you’re like most guys out there your lower body is so tight that bending over to tie your shoes sometimes feels you’re made of rubber bands that are about to snap!  You know you should stretch but you kinda hate it.  So you put it off to the end … Continue reading

What Should I Eat Before I Work Out?

“What should I eat before I work out?” This is a question that I get all the time in the gym.  The reason for all the confusion is because there’s such a large amount of conflicting information in the media, magazines, and blogosphere. For example, if you are a contest … Continue reading

Better Than Your Favorite Six-pack Ab Exercise?

Everywhere you go there’s an article that’s touting the next best six-pack ab exercise. Well, I hate to be the one to pee in the Cheerios, but if you want six-pack abs (which we all have to some degree, some are just more covered than others) then the real work … Continue reading

Nutrition 101 – What About Micronutrients?

Now that we know a little bit about the macronutrients of food (protein, carbs, and fat) from this article series, we’re going to go a little deeper into high quality nutrition and talk a little bit about micronutrients. As a quick recap, think of your macronutrients as the things that … Continue reading

Why Most Goal Setting Is Crap – And Yours Doesn’t Have To Be

I wanted to take a second to talk about goals.  It’s January, this is a fitness blog, I own a training facility, and that means that I spend a lot of time talking about goals.  Time for some Goal Setting 101.  Actually, the real issue is that I have to … Continue reading

Strength Training Basics – What Training Split Should I Use?

The world of strength training and fitness is full of confusing, complicated, and often bullshit sales messages, theories, and talking head opinions.  In light of that I, and the staff of Relentless Strength Training, are going to be simplifying and explaining some of the keys of successful strength training basics.  … Continue reading

10 Step Checklist To Build A Lean, Strong, High-Performance Body, Part 2

Welcome back to The 10 Step Checklist For Build a Lean, Strong, High-Performance Body.  This is part II, where we break down what you need to do at the kitchen and the table to get your nutrition on point  into simple steps.  If you missed Part I then you might … Continue reading

10 Step Checklist To Build A Lean, Strong, High-Performance Body, Part 1

I’m going to break down building a killer physique for you into 10 simple steps. Why would I do that? The truth of the matter is that if you want to build a lean, strong body that has show AND go it’s way too easy to get lost in the … Continue reading