FREE GUIDE:  Get The Same Three-Step, Flexibility-Improving, Nutrition Planning, and Problem Solving Quickstart "Cheatsheet" That We Designed Specifically For Our In-Person Relentless Clients!

Hey, are you tired of downloading a "free report" and then getting bogged down by a bunch of fluff that sounds interesting but when you read it you realize you can't actually APPLY any of the info?  It's all sizzle and no steak! Me too!

This quick to read guide has nothing but pure, actionable steps that you can use TODAY to help simplify your nutrition program, recover faster from your workouts, and clarify your training program.

In this guide you'll learn...

  • How to utilize a simple, 8-minute stretching program to target key areas for almost all adults which will result in better recovery between workouts, less aches and pains, and an instant "boost" in your athleticism.
  • A simple trick to take the guesswork out of your meal selection and prepping.
  • When is the time to eat carbs or fats, based on your busy lifestyle.
  • The "North Star" question I ask clients (and myself!) to greatly simplify their decision-making process when it comes to exercise and nutrition.

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