The Mental Side of Success (Podcasts)

mental side of successThere’s some interesting times in the Wilkins Household.  The Woman has just left her job (18 years in the vet field) to pursue dog training, which is closer to her true passion.  I, of course, couldn’t be happier and more proud of her.  It also means that she’s facing some uncertainty of doing something new and making some changes in life.

This is something I see all the time at Relentless and when working with my online clients.  It doesn’t matter what the change is, whether it’s a job, developing fitness, or changing your nutrition, it all requires you to recognize where you’re at, where you’re going, and chances are face some adversity along the way.  The truth of the matter is that more often than not it’s the mental side of the game that is keeping you from the success you want, not so much the informational.

When it comes to making mental shifts and streamlining your goals, I go over topics like this a lot on my Be Relentless Podcast, so I thought I would share a few episodes here.  These are all quick, topical episodes (under 10:00), so they won’t take up your whole day.

1.  Be Extraordinary To Be Extraordinary

The truth of the matter is that lots of people want the results of being extraordinary.  They want to be strong, fit, lean, have a great career, great family life, and all that goes with it.  You are one of those people if you read this blog, quite frankly.  That’s awesome and I applaud you for it.

Here’s the issue, though:  Most people are living the life that gets them the exact result that they are currently achieving.  They aren’t doing anything extraordinary and so don’t end up being extraordinary.  Fuck that.  Do something hard.  Do something awesome.  Think through a smarter way to do things.  That’s how you get better.

2.  Consistency Is King

People who are extraordinary don’t just do extraordinary things some of the time.  They do them consistently and frequently, to the point where for them they don’t become extraordinary.  Simply doing the basics well on a daily basis is extraordinary because most people don’t.  Many will start with a bang but then end just as quickly.

Pick a few things.  Do them consistently.  Win.

3.  NEVER Apologize For Improving Yourself

This one is something else that seems to stop people from knocking down the final dominoes into building the life that they want.  There’s always going to be people and things that stand in your way.  Usually they’re well-meaning, but they fear change so they’re going to try to get you to stop your improvement process.  If you’re trying to be awesome then you can’t rely on those who won’t get out of their own ruts for support, and you can’t let them stay in your way or pull you into their rut.

goal setting 101 - how to accomplish your goalsWinning the mental game is honestly even more important than tricks or tactics.  As the saying goes, principles come before tactics.  Set the right mental game in place and then worry about the details.

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