Recognizing and Controlling Your Habits To Change Your Body

It’s said by social scientists that we make thousands of decisions, some big, some small, every day.  The truth of the matter is, though, that we don’t really make a lot of those decisions, at least not like we think we do.  We make decisions, sure, but most of the … Continue reading

How The High-Performance Lifestyle Is Keeping You Fat and Weak

If you’re someone who wants it all, from the Job to the Family to the Body (and who doesn’t?), then you know how easy it is to just keep piling more and more on your plate.  If you’re like me, then it seems like every time you turn around there’s … Continue reading

The Mental Side of Success (Podcasts)

There’s some interesting times in the Wilkins Household.  The Woman has just left her job (18 years in the vet field) to pursue dog training, which is closer to her true passion.  I, of course, couldn’t be happier and more proud of her.  It also means that she’s facing some … Continue reading

Why Most Goal Setting Is Crap – And Yours Doesn’t Have To Be

I wanted to take a second to talk about goals.  It’s January, this is a fitness blog, I own a training facility, and that means that I spend a lot of time talking about goals.  Time for some Goal Setting 101.  Actually, the real issue is that I have to … Continue reading

10 Steps To Build A Lean, Healthy, High-Performance Body – Part 3

Time for the third and final installment of the 10-Step Checklist To Build A Lean, Strong, High-Performance Body! Building a lean, strong body doesn’t just happen in the gym and the kitchen. Today we’re going to tackle some of the “out of the gym” parts of the masterpiece-building equation.  This … Continue reading

What Is The Faction?

At Relentless Strength Training we’ve been blessed by the great people and members within our doors who have enabled us to enjoy fantastic growth and success on a local level, which I am eternally thankful for. As a training facility we’re often represented by the great training programs and workouts … Continue reading