How The High-Performance Lifestyle Is Keeping You Fat and Weak

If you’re someone who wants it all, from the Job to the Family to the Body (and who doesn’t?), then you know how easy it is to just keep piling more and more on your plate.  If you’re like me, then it seems like every time you turn around there’s … Continue reading

Training Plateaus – How They Happen and How To Break Them

There’s certain things in life that are inevitable.  You know, like the old saying says… Death, taxes, and hitting training plateaus.  Ok, so the last one is a little bit niche, but if you are in the iron game long enough and are trying to get better long enough, which … Continue reading

Supplement 101 – The Four Basic Supplements I Recommend

If I had to make a call on it, there probably isn’t a more hotly-contested subject in the fitness universe than supplementation.  On one side of the equation you have the supplement industry, making their money by being full of shiny, glossy, and airbrushed marketing campaigns that claim that if … Continue reading

10 Steps To Build A Lean, Healthy, High-Performance Body – Part 3

Time for the third and final installment of the 10-Step Checklist To Build A Lean, Strong, High-Performance Body! Building a lean, strong body doesn’t just happen in the gym and the kitchen. Today we’re going to tackle some of the “out of the gym” parts of the masterpiece-building equation.  This … Continue reading