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21 Days to a Stronger, Leaner Body and Sharper Mind... in Just Three Workouts Per Week and Just Minutes a Day.

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We Challenge you To Spend the Next 21 Days Getting Your Mind and Body in Shape By Doing Three Simple Workouts Per Week and Spending Under 20 Minutes a Day Focused on Forging Your Body, Supplying It With Simple, Focused Nutrition, and Connecting Your Goals and Habits for Success.

How the Challenge Works:

The Relentless 30 Day Challenge is Simple but Powerful...

  • When the Challenge starts you'll receive a manual, nutrition video seminar, and email series outlining your workouts, nutrition customization, and how to channel your focus.  After that you'll receive regular emails with advice, tips, and techniques to improve your practice.
  • The Challenge consists of hitting your personal workouts and the four "Elemental S's" each day.
  • Each Elemental S takes 5-10 minutes per day or less, so you'll invest less than 40 minutes and probably closer to 20 minutes of your valuable time.
  • There are gym and home-based options, but a basic gym membership is a good idea to make full use of the workouts.
  • You'll be welcomed inside of our Relentless Challenge group where you can maintain accountability and support with our coaches and others who are going through the Challenge.

Imagine what it would be like if just a few minutes a day trained and developed a body and mind you were proud of?

In the next 21 days you'll be taught and motivated to exercise and focus at a high level for just three workouts per week and a few minutes per day. At the end of the Challenge you will have earned your new physical fitness, mental clarity, and have a focused direction to head in for mastering your fitness and nutrition goals.  No more confusion, no more headache, just your very own roadmap to success.

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